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    Dear Methodspace members. 

    I have recently taken over as the secretary of Mensa’s Academics Special Interest Group. 

    The newsletter currently leaves a lot to be desired, yet I am dedicated to making it a much more interesting and useful publication. If you are a member of Mensa and either a university student or employee and would like to contribute please email me right away.

    We will have a regular Dr’s Surgery – that is an agony uncle piece, Blog watch – the best of academic blogs, Methodologies – a feature looking at the pros and cons of various methodologies, Conference hall of fame – pictures from your conferences and posters, Abstracts from your papers – these must have been either assessed or peer reviewed, The Big Debate – discussions and arguments on academic matters, General letters, Funding focus – tips and information about gaining funding for research. 

    This is not an exhaustive list and I welcome other articles and suggestions. You may wish to volunteer on a permanent basis or just send the odd letter. No matter how much you can contribute it will all be received with sincere gratitude. 

    Attached is a sneak peak at the before and after face lift. Hope you like it 🙂

    Best wishes, 

    Kerry Rowberry

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