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    I am currently writing my dissertation for Ed.D., and I am applying MRM nursing theory in the context of teaching-learning strategies. I am posting here the draft of my research problem. 
    I am trying to find a research method that is scientific and unbiased, and am willing to modify my research problem as necessary. 
    I hope everyone here can help me. Your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated. 
    Is there a way to make this a mixed method? Both quantitative and qualitative? 
    THE PROBLEMStatement of the Problem
            The purpose of this dissertation is to know the applicability of Modeling
    and Role-Modeling theory in the context of graduate nursing education. A
    Modeling and Role Modeling (MRM) Transgenerational Teaching-Learning
    Guidelines shall be proposed based on the findings of this study. 
            Specifically, the paper seeks to answer the following queries:
    1.      What modeling assessment data can be gathered by the nurse educator in
    terms of students’ viewpoint of: 
    1.1.    Professional experience;
    1.2.    Previous knowledge;
    1.3.    Learning values;
    1.4.    Learning styles and study skills;
    1.5.    Adaptive potential; and
    1.6.    Affiliated-individuation?
    2.      What role-modeling plan can be prepared by the nurse educator utilizing
    the modeling assessment data and five (5) aims of intervention?
    3.      What are the students’ evaluation regarding the nurse educator’s
    teaching-learning strategy? 
    4.      What Modeling and Role-Modeling Transgenerational Teaching-Learning Guidelines can be proposed based on the findings of this study? 
    Val Johns

    Rhea, glad you joined!



    thanks for inviting me. 🙂 i hope somebody can help me with my questions…



    Is your sample undergraduate , postgraduate or nurse educators.What plans do you have to collect data. Once you give me some clues.I will speak to you further.

    Mrs Dayanithee Chetty(South Africa)


    Hello, this is postgraduate (Master’s degree in Nursing) nurse educator.

    I wanted to use my experience, but I have been advised that it could be biased.
    So I might do a comparative study between traditional teaching methods and the MRM teaching-learning strategy.


    The following plan is suggested for your 4 queries as stated above.

    1. Quantitative design using a Questionnare etc re :query 1 -Phase 1
    2. Qualitative Introduction of the modelling theory as a structured focus group discussion re: query :2; PHASE 2;
    ……. what about checking here on the traditional teaching methods and the modelling and role modelling transgenerational teaching learning guidelines
    3.Qualitative design using lived experiences or interviews of individulas or focus groups re :query :3: pHASE 3
    4.Conceptualising role modelling or transgenerational teaching learning guidelines from the findings; PHASE 4 re: :query 4

    Query 2 should become query 3, and vice versa.Is this study not too big.


    Mrs Dayanithee Chetty

    Hope this helps you, I am not too clear of your sample and your study setting and the amount of time that you have.


    Hello, thanks for this.
    Actually my sample size is small. A class would be around 5 to 8 students.
    For research advising, it would be one to two students per adviser.



    I suggest you consider a qualitative, descriptive contextual study,
    doing interviews either implementing your model with or after checking what were their experiences, or checking their experiences with the traditional teaching method during interviews

    and then 2nd phase implementing the MRM guidelines and evaluating using focus groups, therafter with the findings develop guidelines, framework, programme etc.

    NB: using the same sample all the time( THROUGHOUT THE STUDY)

    who are part of ?? a convenience/purposeful sample, from your target group, withh ?? sampling criteria.


    Dayanithee chetty Mrs(South Africa)


    Would you say that a comparative case study would be best for this study? Do we call it case studies in the field of education?

    I would be including all the students in the class.
    I’d also like to apply this to research advising, but then that would be one and one, and often students have only had a chance to do research through undergraduate group projects.

    My research adviser is afraid that if I use my class that the study will become biased.

    I’m afraid of asking other professors to do the implementation of MRM in education as they are not familiar with MRM, its application in nursing, or my conceptual framework, and it would take me a long time to conduct the study if I will have to teach them the concepts from the beginning. By then, the semester would have been through. The semester starts on the 3rd week of November.

    Dr Enda Dunican

    Your supervisor’s concerns are worth noting. I always advise my students to use participants that they have no contact with – in this way you are not shaping or influencing any of their experiences. Sometimes you just cannot just force a study.


    Hello Dr. Dunican,

    Thank you for your comment. What can you suggest then? If I’m the only one who knows how the process goes, and I can’t use my students and I can’t allow other people to use the method since I cannot force a study…what is the method that would be most helpful?



    Dr Enda Dunican

    Hello Faye

    This is a difficult one. Has your proposed study gained ethical approval from your University’s ethics committee? If so, what actual study did you propose?



    It is quite difficult for me to do this.
    I have proposed this methodology: I’ll have a workshop with other nurse educators and teach them the process. They’ll use my research tools to assess students’ learning model. They create a course syllabus from the students’ learning model, present it to the students for learning contract signing, then follow the learning contract.

    2 weeks before the end of the semester, the students will evaluate the nurse educators’ teaching-learning strategy and then I’ll have a focused group discussion with the nurse educators regarding application of the teaching-learning strategy.

    I’m not sure what to call this methodology. I called this case study since we were taught that if I have less than 10 subjects, it can still be considered a case study, and I’ll use quantitative and qualitative analysis for this. Quantitative from the assessment tools, and qualitative for the focused group discussion with students and the nurse educators.

    I created the teaching-learning strategy through theory derivation. Can I just have a dissertation that’s completely theory derivation? Or should I really prove it through these means?

    Dr Enda Dunican

    Hello Faye

    Has your study proposal gone to yoor ethics committee?


    Yes it has…everything has been approved by the ethics committee.

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