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    Jorge Lujan

    Jorge,   Great!  How did you create and upload that video?   Thanks,  J

    Jorge Lujan

    I used my video camera which is built in with my laptop. I will create a PowerPoint that will assist users on  using the site as I explorer it.


    Thanks, Jorge.  That will be great.


    By the way,  Lyn has now joined and Hector is in process of joining the practice team too.  I noticed that when Lyn looks at her page, she can only see comments from and from herself.   How can we make the comments a group discussion so that all can see them?

    Jorge Lujan

    She isn’t in the group, at least I only show you and me in the group, so maybe she needs to be invited.


    Jorge I have received updates from Methodspace letting me know that Lyn has joined the practiceteam group, and Hector as well.   However, I also do not see them in the group.    Not sure what we need to do. 

    Jorge Lujan

    I see Lyn now


    Hello everyone, I finally made it in. I looked at the welcome video and it looks good. I look forward to exploring the site with all of you. I love the fact that you can edit your entrees.


    Good morning everyone,

    Finally, I joined to the practice team. I agree with Mr. Hernandez the video is great. I will continue exploring the page and find something else. 

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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