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    Tina South

    I am interested in Autoethnography and would like to find out the perceptions of other people who access this website about the strengths and limitations of this methodological aspect.


    Hi Tina,
    I just joined Methodspace and am using autoethnography as well. I do have some articles and books on it. Since your message was from 8 months ago, I am supposing you got the info you needed? Otherwise, let me know and I can send some references to you. Good luck, Karen

    Tina South

    Hello Karen,
    Thanks very much for replying to this posting.It is good to finally hear something back. I don’t know whether this is indicative of the fact that not many people use autoethnography. I am really interested in autoethnography and am glad to hear you are using it, but after much deliberation I have opted to use a phenomenological approach for my PhD, as I was warned about getting my proposal through the Research Degrees Committee if I had chosen to use it. However, I have drafted a couple of pieces of work and have not ruled out using autoethnography in the future, when I have gained more confidence as a researcher. I really admire the work of Ellis and Bochner and Karen V Lee.
    Would you please share with me what your research is about and how you came to choose autoethnography.
    Regards Tina

    Josh Whitkin

    I’m also interested in autoethnography, particularly related to design research. How does it relate to older, similar methods from design studies – ie Schon’s “reflection in action”  / “reflection on action”?


    Hi all,

    I am doing autoethnographic research [ plan to] .Can anyone offer suggestions and guides in this regard. I will also desperately and definately appreciate reading materials on this .



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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