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    Tomorrow, at 20hrs South African time, we shall be discussing the basic, yet practical steps to follow before one begins to write the thesis/dissertation. Join us on my group called the PhD Students/Other Scholars in African Universities. See you there!!


    Dear Members and non-members,

    Our topic of discussion today is some practical basic steps that you have used, or read or seen other people use prior to starting writing their thesis…what do you think?


    that is nice idea which is very important to research students and i think a good methodology and well formulated models will go along way to facilitate the writing od a thesis. its a good idea


    Chipo, i think one of the most practical steps in writing any scientific work is literature review based on a well developed research problem


    Fou Ferdinand is right, methodology and literature review, are part of the important steps to follow in writing a thesis/dissertation. Yet, we need to discuss further what it means to write on methodology and review literature. In other words, we need to discuss some effective ways of reviewing and writing literature that resonates successfully with the main topic of our thesis/dissertation. In addition, when we are looking at methodology, we need to discuss, what about the methodology need to be considered in writing and how should it be done. Certainly, we are likely to have diverse views, but these views should help us rethink what we have been doing or following as university tradition without questioning why such traditions are done in the ways they are done…


    thank you Chipo for your comment concerning methodology writing and literature review.just to add something i willlike to say that there are several schools as metrhodology writing is concern as you rightly said but the important thing here is to arrived at thesame reality.that notwithstanding, i think the best technics of research should fall within what we call TRIANGULATION. this technicis important because in most cases hypotheses are verified.the key elements in writing a methodology which of course is a protocol or research proposal are a well concieved topic, a well defined research problem, the justification of study, statement of problem if possible where our theoritical framework is stated,research questions, hypotheses, objectives then the methodology its self, all the above elements will define the type of methodology to be used and that will be influenced by the type of research be it qualitative or quantitative. it is from here that one determines the type of tools to be used.


    Thanx Mou Ferdinard for your discussion on methodology. Perhaps, let us now return to the thesis cover page. Ok, we have the TITLE; we have the author’s name; we have the degree pursued; we have the name of our university; etc. Yet, I am interested in the TITLE of a thesis/dissertation. Assuming that we have the same meaning of the word TITLE, what are some things that we have to consider when coming up with a suitableTITLE to a thesis/dissertation? In other words, what things should we consider when drafting a TITLE for a thesis/dissertation. I am sure that lecturers on this website would agree with me that often times, theses/dissertations tend to have TITLES that are totally different from entire content. We do agree that TITLES are a matter of individual style, but there is need to know how to develop a successful TITLE. Also, people that review conferences, sometimes, reject participants due to poor TITLES developed. What can we do to make our TITLES not only stand out, but convey messages about our theses/Dissertations?


    I found this document online, it is an interesting piece on triangulation


    Hi Chipo, where at WITS do you meet for discussion or you are abusy office. If you have time, I suggest we meet at Wits Business School Parktown. Remmember it is ice cold weather. Can update me on the time


    Hi Chipo,Lekae.

    Like my topic is “ownership  and Board Structures,CEO and control of corporate governance in SOEs of SA.


    I want to use mixed methods approach in which I have passion to explore corporate governance in SOEs to contribute to debates and knowledge. How do I go about it all. Kindly advice . Always at Mwalimu house research hub

    PhD student at WITS-PM&D,ParktowN

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    Thanks Steven Larsen. I read the post “How to write an introduction for a research paper”. I agree that it’s important to have the research done before writting the introduction.


    Hi, guys! Off topic. i’m a beginner at making research. can you help me identify what’s the independent and dependent variable of this research topic: “Working Under Pressure: An Autoethnography about Stress Management”?

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