Bayesian Probability and Statistics in Management Research

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    This special issue of the Journal of Management, produced with guest editors Michael J. Zyphur, Frederick L. Oswald and Deborah E. Rupp, features three commentaries by renowned experts in statistics, probability, and their current and historical applications on Bayesian estimation and inference’s role in organizational research.

    The topics covered relate to (a) the apparent desire for universal or default methods of inquiry and inference—whether Bayesian or frequentist—which narrows researchers’ focus and reduces their ability to develop and deploy a larger “toolbox” of methods and approaches; (b) the many limitations of existing frequentist tools, which tend to be underestimated or ignored because of their institutionalized and habitual nature; and (c) the existence and importance of multiple theories of probability that are available for scientific inference and the benefits of acknowledging the importance of researchers’ educations and beliefs about such theories.

    The special issue is free to read until the end of April. Click here to access the papers.

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