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    With as many as 1 billion people now using online communities such as newsgroups, blogs, forums, social networking sites, podcasting, videocasting, photosharing communities, and virtual worlds, the internet is now an important site for research.

    This exciting new text is the first to explore the discipline of ‘Netnography’ – the conduct of ethnography over the internet – a method specifically designed to study cultures and communities online. For the first time, full procedural guidelines for the accurate and ethical conduct of ethnographic research online are set out, with detailed, step-by-step guidance to thoroughly introduce, explain, and illustrate the method to students and researchers.

    If you read this book tell us what you thought here
    Avi Lambert

    Thanks for posting this. I need this for my research on social media and social change. Looking to integrate this with the concepts from ‘communicative ecology’ and the ‘networked society.’

    Robert Kozinets

    That sounds very worthwhile, Avi. I’d be interested to hear how you liked the book and how you were able to integrate the netnographic approach with those important communication science concepts.


    This book was suggested to me by my mentor for my dissertation when I decided to study an online communities of practice.  This book has a plethora of information and it is an easy read especially for a novice like myself.  It breaks down Netnography in terms of what it is used for and how to use it from data collection to conducting interviews.  There are not to many dissertations that are out there that have used this as a methodology but my school approved it.  I am not in marketing but still find it applicable to what I want to do which is study an online community.  I also like the Key Readings at the end of each chapter for it has extended my collection of articles and books. Thanks for the book Robert!!

    Collins Armah

    I will definitely like to read this book. Netnography, sounds good!

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