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    zahid latif


    I want to go for a book review in IR, what step should I take in the book review. I need from the basics of book review because i am new
    to this field.
    Also I face problems in the research proposal as well. I will be waiting for yours reply.
    thanks & regards
    Zahid Latif
    Abeya El Bakry

    Important ideas for a book review, is to start by saying what is the purpose of the book
    Has the writer fulfilled their purpose in presenting their case
    Have they been logical and taken you step by step in the process to understand what they think and what you understand from them
    Do you agree with it, why – how do you find it helpful
    Do you disagree with it, how do you find it unuseful for you
    Be constructive in your statements and explain yourself without hurting the writer, and explain yourself clearly to the reader so that they understand how they are going to benefit from this book

    zahid latif

    Hi dear:
    Thanks you so much and I will also try to learn something about my topic please
    I am very grateful to you


    zahid latif

    Hi dear Sir:
    How are you and what about you, how is your health ..


    Zahid Latif  

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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