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    Lettie Conrad

    SAGE is partnering on a new study for the 2013 annual meeting of the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL). The goal is to visualize trends in the pathways taken in the online academic research of social science scholars. We would like to invite you or your colleagues to participate in this exciting new project.


    We will be conducting both interviews and observations of how researchers navigate web sites and databases. We are asking participants to spend 2-3 hours both speaking with us about their research processes and capturing screen recordings of their literature reviews while writing articles or papers in their field. As compensation, SAGE will be offering $50 in Amazon gift vouchers and $50 SAGE book credit.


    Space is limited so please contact us today!


    Thank you,

    Lettie Conrad, Principal Investigator (


    Alex Molineux, Project Manager (

    SAGE Publications Inc.

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