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    Please excuse me for what may seem like a silly question. I am doing my dissertation on pain and I created a questionnaire that was posted online with a few open questions. I got under 30 responses but the open ended questions did not reveal as much as I hoped. I later conducted three interviews asking the same questions that was in the questionnaire however they were not worded exactly as the questionnaire (i.e with age i just asked if the person I was interviewing minded stating age rather than talking through categories of age) The respondents all tended to answer the questions by giving quite a bit of detail. I thought this would class as mixed method research but have since seen literature that have caused me to doubt whether I can call this mixed method. I wanted to use some of the data I was told because it was valid to my lit review and supports the arguments I was preparing.however I am now confused as to whether it needs to be classed as a structured interview but I am still confused because if so the questions was asked in the same order but phrased differently as I was face to face with people, and I believe that if i endorse it as structured interview in this sense I only stick to the exact answer of the question and disregard the rest of the responses which I really dont want to do. Can anyone help advise, I would really appreciate it


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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