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    Donald undertook his presentation in two parts. The first part addressed his abstract, giving some insight into the benefits and challenges of concurrently and sequentially mixing qualitative and quantitative methods to examine people using websites with information about medicines. He found the participants had some difficulty using the websites, arising from their design. Impressively, being one of the penultimate presenters’ of the conference, Donald innovatively used this to his advantage incorporating interesting reflections on past speakers of the conference including a thought provoking quote from Ray Godfrey’s “excellent research does not require excellence in philosophy”. This effectively made the link to the second component of Donald’s presentation, where he reflected on his research as a piece of mixed methods research, probing whether mixed methods in general was ‘old wine with a new label’. Here he discussed issues relating to mixed methods as a paradigm and the role of philosophy underpinning not only mixed methods research but also research in general. These thoughts prompted a modest amount of debate from the floor in the final ten minutes reserved for questions and responses.

    Donald can be contacted on his new email address: Note, this is different to that printed in the program.

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