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    Samantha Daleiden

    A favorite feature of mine of SRMO is that we are returning search results at the chapter, encyclopedia entry, dictionary entry, and journal article level.  Once you enter the chapter you will be able to browse through the book with a scrolling and linkable TOC to the right hand side.

    This way the researcher gets much more transparent results and easier to browse through items that are relevant to the specific researcher’s need.

    My question for you as the researchers and librarians that will be using the product is in regard to the importance of returning an entire book on the term you researched in addition to the smaller parts of the whole. Do you think a book that focuses on a term you searched for is more relevant to your search than smaller parts about that term?

    For example:  if you entered “telephone surveys” in your search box and we have a book in SRMO that is titled “Telephone Survey Methods” would you want to see the entire book returned before just the chapters that are about “telephone surveys” from a handbook or encyclopedia on survey methods?

    Any feedback regarding what is important to you in search results, I would really like to hear about.

    Thank you for the collaboration!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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