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    Hi folks, I’m new here! After some help with conceptualising a method for my model which is still in early stages. Research question is effects of sleep on inhibitory control in children with and without ADHD.

    So we have: 1) Predictor (or mediator?) = sleep (measured using Adolescent Sleep Wake Scale – 5 subscale scores and a total score), 2) Predictor = ADHD severity (I could split into 2 groups just ADHD/no-ADHD but would like to do no-ADHD, ADHD-I, ADHD-H, and ADHD-C). 3) Inhibitory control as two outcome variables measured by the SST: SSRT and SSRTV (they measure 2 different concepts).

    Was thinking of collapsing sleep into ‘no sleep problems’ and ‘sleep problems’, collapsing ADHD into yes/no, and the outcome into just SSRTV, and doing 2×2 ANOVA, but I’d rather be more specific. MANOVA? ANCOVA? (Confounders = gender, medication status). Correlation table with all outcomes and then hierarchical regression, then possible mediation model? My diagrams are becoming rather large and messy on paper, would love some opinions!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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