Chronic pain, corporality and closure: perceptions and experiences about migraine

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    From the Social Sciences and Anthropology of health, this article contributes to the knowledge of a chronic disease call “migraine”.  This qualitative research is conducted through interviews with medical neurologist and people who suffer from migraine in a public hospital in Buenos Aires City. One objective is to describe and analyze how perceptions and experiences with this kind of headache influence the constitution of the self, of corporeity and interactions with others. For this, I explore actions, strategies, trajectories, routines and activities of people with migraine. 

    This article argue that the experience of migraine change the relationship between patients and his/her social environment. Since a phenomenological and interactionism view this research tries to analyze how pain’s perceptions influence the relationship between the self/body and the world of everyday life. Some categories such us closure, legitimacy and anguish will also guide this article.

    My findings show that migraine differs from other chronic diseases.  First of all, there is no factual evidence of migraine’s existence, it does not have a certain etiology and it doesn’t have an efficient treatment. Secondly, according to patients, common sense relates migraine to manipulation and excuses. In this sense, migraine is directly related with lack of confidence, anxiety, openings and closings of the self that influence relationship with themselves and others.

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