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    Alexandra Cuncev

    Hello everyone,

    Sorry to bombard the group with yet more posts, but following our meeting on Friday, Sarah and I had a few more comments that we wanted to share… As usual, please ignore them if they are things you are already dealing with or if we are repeating ourselves…

    Comment: When adding events, we found there was no quick option of just adding an event and the main details connected to it and then leaving it for other people (who would have more information) to complete or comment. For instance, there were fields that we had to complete (could not leave blank) for the event to be added online, even if we did not know the details. These were:
     the time of the event (i.e.10am-4pm)
     an image for an event (when we did try to post an image, by copying and pasting the logo of the conferences, this was cut, thus the logo is not displayed correctly; please see NCESS and ESA2009)
    We felt that the default option for adding an event should be to have to add as little as possible. Of course, one should not be stopped from adding detailed information if they wanted to.

    We also wanted to be able to upload information on an event without having to declare whether we would be attending it or not. For instance, I show to be attending the European Sociological Association conference this year, but in fact I am not.

    Question: We were not sure how we could use the badge…

    We hope this is useful,

    Sarah and Alex


    Thanks, Alex. Mithu and Harriet, do you think it would be a good idea to schedule a meeting with Alex, Sarah, John and us to go through all the issues that Alex and Sarah have drawn to out attention. We should be looking to do this on the 27th Feb when Sarah and Alex will be coming in to the Sage offices.

    What does everyone think? Would this be useful?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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