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    Kindly clarify the difference between the Conceptual framework and theoratical framework.Are they both required.Where do we normaly plcae them in the literature review chapter or methodology chapter.

    Evans Yebaoh

    You may decide to use only one. They are used inter changebly. Concept and theories are logical propositions that seeks to explain an issue or phenomenon. A framework is a sort of diagramme that may be connected and linking the various theories together to explain your issue. It is mostly used at the Literature review section.


    Thanks dear Evans Yebaoh.Let me ask then,whether we prove this conceptual framework or is it a suggestive diagrame developed as we understood the phenomoenon.What purpose it actualy serves for research question and objective design?does it guide methodology design too.


    Dr. Bakhtiar

    Like you, me too looking for this answer (one of the main reasons of finding and joining this forum). Usually both terms are used interchangeably, but I have seen many articles and research books which very clearly differentiate these terms, for example:

    • Interchangeable use of term
    • CFW is broader term and TFW is used to develop hypotheses
    • TFW is broader term and CFW is used to develop hypotheses
    • Some recommend to adopt only CSF approach
    • Other say just use TFW (especially in management research – quan) like Uma Sekaran

    Therefore, I am closely monitoring the thread for my and my student learning….



    Please clarify the difference between the research questions and interview questions.Can the interview questions be the refined/repharased version of the RQ.Should IQs be always more than the RQs or can be same in numbers.

    Saleh Ali

    if you want to know how much managers care about their customers satisfaction, you should ask set of questions that should tell you this. Detectives will not ask suspects if they have commited the crime, but will ask them to see whether they have motivations to do so.



    i’ve developed a conceptual framework for my study. i too had this question when i started my work. i figured out that conceptual framework is developed when little is known about a topic and the reseracher thinks that in his opinion the concepts are related that way i.e. he proposes a theory. then, to verify his thinking, he/she tests that framework though quantitaive methods.

    conceptual frameworks are usually the result of qualitative studies, or, even the researcher may just guess that concepts are related in a certain way and then tests that. whether the test is successfu or unsuccessful, the same conceptual framework can be called a theoretical framework.

    for example, if we don’t know if their is some relation between gender and smoking habbits. we can say that, perhaps, males smoke more than the females. suppose no one has tested that before. so it’s a conceptual framework. in other words, we are just guessing about a relationship. when it will be tested, whether the results support or oppose or proposition, i.e. the males actually smoke more than the females, it will be called a theoretical framework. becuase previosuly it was just our concept/idea that the relation between the concepts is so and so. not it has been tested and we can call it a theoretical framework.

    i hope it works.


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