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    Dr Enda Dunican


    Can anyone point me in the direction of some articles/literature on conceptual or theoretical frameworks.




    try ‘Qualitative inquiry&research design: Choosing among five approaches’ John W.Creswell
    might be useful


    Yes Enda what you raised is a very pertinent point because many students and some researchers have always argue on what both items are all about. But what i will say is that a theoretical framework is based on the theories that you use to give meaning to your data. Brief it is the key that unlucks your research problem. For example i may use the notion of contextuality that comes from the theory of ethno methodology, the ntion of disfunction from functionalism and thick discription from the cultural and symbolic interpretative theory. All this will make up my theoretical framework. it is this notions that i will use to explain my results. you may use only one theory and use the key concepts of that theory to give meaning to your work.
    I think conceptual framework is based on the meaning of key concepts or words that is used through out your work. you define the key words of your research topic.<<br /> MOU


    Yea Guera i think that is an interesting one there and please when you go through it let us get the key points for it is latest. you know it is difficult for some of us here to get such books.



    Dr Enda Dunican

    Hi Guera,


    Thanks a lot, I will take a look.







    Jody Worley

    Rocco & Plakhotnik (2009). Literature revews: Concetptual and theoretical frameworks. Human Resource Development Review, 8 (1), 120-130.

    Saleh Ali

    The thing is, the theories that we might apply depends on our defination of the concepts. The problem, I think, when there is no clear defination of some issues, or when these issues are new and emerging. in this cases we need a conceptual framework in the first place. The question, however, what theories I should review if i need a conceptual defination?? 

    Saleh Ali

    This article should be read by all postgraduate students. Thanx alot Dr



    i’ve developed a conceptual framework for my study. i too had this question when i started my work. i figured out that conceptual framework is developed when little is known about a topic and the reseracher thinks that in his opinion the concepts are related that way i.e. he proposes a theory. then, to verify his thinking, he/she tests that framework though quantitaive methods.

    conceptual frameworks are usually the result of qualitative studies, or, even the researcher may just guess that concepts are related in a certain way and then tests that. whether the test is successfu or unsuccessful, the same conceptual framework can be called a theoretical framework.

    for example, if we don’t know if their is some relation between gender and smoking habbits. we can say that, perhaps, males smoke more than the females. suppose no one has tested that before. so it’s a conceptual framework. in other words, we are just guessing about a relationship. when it will be tested, whether the results support or oppose or proposition, i.e. the males actually smoke more than the females, it will be called a theoretical framework. becuase previosuly it was just our concept/idea that the relation between the concepts is so and so. not it has been tested and we can call it a theoretical framework.

    i hope it works.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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