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    Tim Graham

    Hi all,

    I came across a fantastic article for those wanting an introduction to the issues, challenges and possibilities for using Big Data in research (e.g. Twitter data, social media graphs, etc).

    This paper investigates a variety of critical questions, covering such topics as ethics, reliability and validity of data, generalisability of data, equity, social exclusion, privacy, and even some lovely philosophical questions.

    I’d love to hear thoughts on this!

    The paper can be accessed via:


    Thanks a lot for sharing!

    Katie Metzler

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for posting this! You should join the NSMNSS group on methodspace and get involved in the social media research methods network we’ve set up with NatCen and the OII. This is exactly the kind of issues we were discussing at the launch event yesterday at RIBA.

    Should social science researchers embrace social media and, if we do, what are the implications for our methods and practice?

    We know that social media tools are increasingly being used to as part of the social sciences. The nature of these tools means that it is a fast changing environment, with new practices emerging all the time. Despite this, there is limited interaction between practitioners or synthesis of different methods. There are also few opportunities to reflect on the implications of social media tools for our subjects of study, methods and ethics. Our network of methodological innovation brings together academics, researchers and research stakeholders in a community of practice with members drawn from the cutting-edge of academia, market research and applied social research.

    The network is led by NatCen Social Research, SAGE and the Oxford Internet Institute, and funded by the NCRM. It’s hosted over several different platforms, including Methodspace, Blogspot, Twitter and YouTube, and will run over twelve months.

    Please do get involved in the group!


    Tim Graham

    Hi Katie,

    I’m not sure how I missed that group! Look forward to taking part of the discussions in the group.

    I am beginning my PhD later this year and am hoping to utilise some new and emerging research methods such as social media. My research area is e-government.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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