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    Shobha Menon

    My research area is in tourism marketing – use of trade fairs to be precise. I am facing a problem getting data as most of the participants are SMEs who are unwilling to disclose info on turnover,leads generated. if they give info, it will be a casual and exaggerated figure. Anyone facing such issues ?? can anyone suggest a researchable topic in this field ? 

    Evans Yebaoh

    Hi Shobha,

    I Sympatise with you. You might consider a topic in which you might have to interview the tourist and the beneficiaries of the tourism facilities.  In that case you will have no difficulty gathering data. 

    All the best.

    Shobha Menon

    Thanks,Evans. I am planning to do a case study of an important  trade show in my area in which I plan to survey all the stakeholders .maybe I will not ask for sensitive info like turnover and instead give them ranges like between ……to which they can reply,I hope. 


    Which bilbliographic databases have you been using?


    More generally, what has been your search strategy? I find that changing one or two words (or even their order) can make a big difference to the number and type of hits that I obtain.


    When you search the literature, it is worthwhile doing a citation search (not just a topic search) to find out who is being cited in the literature. That often gives  you the names of people to consult and from there it is usually easy enough to get their email address or phone number.


    Have you contacted you local tourism office? They often have relevant contacts (at least in some parts of the UK)


    If the problem is one of your imagination (i.e. fiinding ideas rather than data) then try using a mind mapping tool. I use Mind Genius, but most ot them do the same job. There are some free open rource ones available on the Net.

    Good luck with the pursuit



    5th  April 2012

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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