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    I’m investigating if Delphi method is a good choice for my upcoming  Msc thesis.

      Here  is  brief  a description.  

    Topics :Investigate if intersecting sustainability, accessibility will strengthen greater social inclusion for a larger number of living being, at lesser cost, for present and future generation.

     How Identify the indicators that intersect with Sustainability, Accessibility (universal/inclusive design) .

    Create an S.A. checklist (of desirable U.D. / I.D and sustainability  indicators to assist those who which to implement  inclusive spaces

    Questions I wonder if after 3 rounds one can elicit participation via an online discussion groups to  reach  consensus on  indicators that intersect between these 2 concepts.

    Alternative,  can  trends  be an acceptable result  instead of consensus. I only found 1 article saying,that it can, all other literature is clear on needs of  consensus                                                  

      Thank you for your  suggestions

    Jim Vander Putten

    Hi Maria,

    I chaired one doctoral dissertation that used the Delphi Method: “Expert Panel Study to Develop a Measure to Assess the Organizational Climate for Research Integrity in Academic Health Centers” by Carol R. Thrush. I am currently serving as methodologist on another doctoral dissertation using the Delphi Method.

    In my view, online discussion groups might bias the individual participants into ‘groupthink’ and yield bad data. In regard to identifying trends, I think that might be acceptable, but it raises the immediate question: what evidence do the participants have that measures changes in indicators that would accurately be identified as trends?

    I hope this helps… Jim Vander Putten

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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