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    SAGE Publishing

    By Jo D’Ardenne

     The aim of this chapter is to provide practical guidance on how to design a cognitive interview protocol. Interview protocols provide the cognitive interviewer with all the information he or she needs to carry out the interview […] In this chapter we will discuss:

    • The importance of defining measurement objectives and testing aims prior to designing the protocol
    • How to decide which questions to test
    • How to administer the test questions
    • How to train participants to think aloud
    • How to write different types of cognitive probes
    • The factors to consider when deciding on which cognitive interviewing techniques to use in your test


    This free chapter has been taken from Cognitive Interviewing Practice, edited by Debbie Collins who is based as NatCen Social Research (NatCen). The book provides a practical handbook for implementing cognitive interviewing methods in the context of applied social policy research, based on the approach used by the authors at NatCen where cognitive interviewing methods have been used for well over a decade.


    Read the free chapter: Developing Interview Protocols

    Find out more about Cognitive Interviewing Practice


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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