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    Use this to post questions or feedbackabout my book Discovering Statistics Using SPSS

    Ivar Omenås

    Hello Andy,

    I’m statistically challenged, and to rectify that, one of my collegues suggested that I picked up the 4th ed. of Discovering Statistics using SPSS. I have done so, and managed to reach chapter 5. However, chapter – the central limit theorem revisited (including the illustration on page 171) is causing me a bit of trouble: How it is possible that the sampling distribution of the mean shows that the most frequent number of friends a statistical lecturer can have seems to be about 9 or 10, when you state in the text that lecturers have a maximum number of 7 friends (as the population histogram also shows)? I note that this frequency distribution seems to be cut of, suggesting that some lecturers actually do have more friends, but still, you clearly say in the text that the maximum score is 7. Is it safe to assume that statistical lecturers actually can have more than 7 friends? (I asked the neighbours cat about this, but he could not help).

    To not make it appear like I’m only complaining, I thought I would nitpick a little too (or maybe I was both nitpicking and complaining in the previous paragraph): In “Oditis Lantern” about the CLT, you say that the maximum number of blows to the head it takes to kill a zombie, is 7, but both frequency distributions you show only have 6 columns. I find that a bit strange, since I assume you used the same code to draw these distributions, as you did when you computed the sample means?

    (I tried to check out the list of known errors and problems that you link to from “Statistics Hell”, but the link is broken).

    Apart from these glitches, your explanations are nice and clear, and I enjoy reading your book!



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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