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    The Dutch Ministry of the Interior & Kingdom Relations has published the working document called ‘The (r)evolution of the iSociety’ online. This document is part of the exploration of the Ministry’s Department of Citizenship & Information Policy into trends and developments in society for the iGovernment. The relevant megatrends for the iGovernment are the ageing population and fragmentation, offline and online fading borders, new online risks and security, the Network Society and the Intelligent Age. This exploration focuses on whether the iGovernment is responding sufficiently to these trends, on the course towards the iSociety.

    In May 2012 Klaus van den Berg, market researcher, strategist and trend editor, was commissioned to prepare this working document. The combination of the gradual digital evolution over the past twenty years and the rapid digital revolution in recent years can be described as the (r)evolution of the iSociety. Mobile internet in particular has radically changed our way of living, working, thinking and acting. And the younger the generation, the more they live their lives online. The report, among other things, provides insights into the implications these developments have for our privacy and the protection of our personal data.

    This document will be used to strengthen the discussion – both within and outside the Ministry – about the significance these trends and developments in the iSociety have for the iGovernment. This is an important issue in Dutch society, right now and for the (near) future. We would like to invite you to participate in this discussion by means of editorial coverage, interviews and/or other initiatives.

    Klaus van den Berg: “The Netherlands is one of the most online countries in the world. Because this working document has been published online, everyone can download and share it. I would like to express my gratitude to the Dutch experts, professionals and citizens who have taken part in this trend study. The iSociety is high on the agenda in our country. ‘The time is now’.”  

    Download a summary of the report’s recommendations in the English language at: http://www.klausvandenberg.com/en/

    Download the full report in the Dutch language at: http://www.rijksoverheid.nl/documenten-en-publicaties/rapporten/2012/11/07/werkdocument-de-r-evolutie-van-de-i-samenleving.html

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