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    Talking about the online business leads us to a world of E-commerce which is emerging as a rapid modern age trend. It is estimated that more than 21% of the trade is being done online and these charts have immersively increased in just last 5 years from 7% to 21%. And the analysts are expecting to see the huge increase in the index up to a figure of 50% within the next 5 years. According to most of the web development services, there is a great number of marketers who are taking a keen interest in doing online business with Web Development. Queries have been increased in numbers within these 5 years.

    However, not all the E-commerce platforms are as much as successful as Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay but there are several others strategies such as social media marketing, affiliate marketing, Google Adwords marketing, B2B marketing etc. All of these sites are in continuously promoting their products day by day with regular new ideas and concepts. Alibaba is known for its idealistic marketing campaigns and branding techniques worldwide which are making it the one and only online store with no inventory.

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    E-commerce has had a vast impact on the worldwide trade. As now many countries are establishing trade relations with other countries through the internet. The small producers are also able to enter the competition as they can also access the internet.

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    Interesting stats on the increase of online business. Would you have any figures on the statistics in developing nations compared to developing nations?


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