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    Nadia Ahouari_Idri

    What do you think the greatest challenge EFL teachers encounter?
    Where do you classify EFL teaching?
    Is it a problem of teaching materials, techniques and methods used, assessment and evaluation techniques, syllabi design, interaction patterns, cognitive factors, affective factors, in/out-of-class learning, exposure to language, or else?
    What shold be done to be an effective EFL teacher?
    How can a teacher be autonomous in his teaching; especially that he is more likely to depend on the stakeholders at all level?
    These questions and others inquire me as an EFL teacher at university evel in an Algerian context where students suffer a lot from affective problems like lack of motivation, anxiety, low self-confidence (results of researches I have conducted) from the one hand and problems of materials, methods, qualified teachers on the other.
    please share this point with me, discuss it according to your experience and knowledge.
    Yours truly: nadia AHOUARI-IDRI

    Abdelmajid Seghir

    Dear Nadia,
    Thank you very much for raising such questions.
    I am a university student fro Morocco, I am studying “TEFL and ICT” at the university of Agadir, and I firmly believe that your questions do have a considerabe importance regarding TEFL/TESL especially in our context(s). I may say that the Algerian and Moroccan contexts are similar to some extent, this is why I will try to answer some of these bewildering questions:
    I thinkk that no one of us can claim that there is a ONE SINGLE greatest challenge EFL/ESL teachers encounter, because teaching English is a challenge itself! the whole components of it are challenges that are, to me, equally important; motivation, teaching the four skills, raising consciousness about cultural issues and so on and so forth, are all important challenges that a teacher of English has to handle. So, all in all, I think that the challenge here is the process of teaching English as a whole.
    Concerning the problems, I see that,once again, all of them interact, they all go hand in hand, the teaching process needs to have some requirements fulfilled, these requirements are the very same ones that you have stated (teaching materials, techniques and methods used, assessment and evaluation techniques, syllabi design, interaction patterns…), the lack of any of them leads to the collapse of the whole, simply because a chain is no stronger than its weakest link!

    Thanks a lot, I’ll make sure to come back sometime to discuss the other questions.
    Have a good day 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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