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    Before our first knowledge exchange event we gathered some ethical guidelines for social researchers using social media. We found three guidelines which you can access below:



    What do you think of these guidelines? Do you think they cover everything you’d need to consider as a researcher? Are there key gaps that you feel they’re missing? Are there any other guidelines that you’ve found that you’d like to share with the network?


    Thanks Eve very useful links.


    Hi I am interested to know how the partcipant’s right to withdraw or have their data withdrawn at any time can be achieved if the data collection method used in an anonymous online survey. I think codes of practice need to make that explicit that up to a certain point data can be removed and the researcher has a responsibility to indicate where that point is. So, for example, in the online questionnaire a statement must be in place tat the start and end of the questionnaire that by pressing the submit button the participant consents to partcipant’s on and understands that data cannot be withdrawn after that point. What do others think? Oxford brooks Uni have very useful guidance on online questionnaires but others code are lacking in this respect.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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