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    I’m involved in a project where a DVD and a Folk song were commissioned in an effort to help foster the transfer of knowledge on issues of substance abuse among Aboriginal women in Canada.

    The question: What ways (what resources) are there for evaluating the impact of a DVD/CD in this scenario? Or simply, what are the standard ways of assessing the quality of a documentary DVD for the aforementioned purpose? The song is a Folk Song of an individuals substance abuse story. Does anyone have experience assessing/evaluating media?

    Any recommendations?

    Berkay Ozcan

    I believe an objective evaluation of the impact of a video and or a song, in spirit, should not be very different than evaluating a policy implementation or the effect of a new drug. As long as you are interested in evaluating the impact of these tools rather than the quality of these tools.

    I have no idea about evaluating the quality of these produces. But if you want to have an impact of the video and song, here are my modest two cents:

    You can pool two random groups of people (Aboriginal women) about the same size (say 30 people in each), ask their opinion about substance abuse and test their knowledge on the subject with a standard questionnaire. Then make the first group of women watch the video and listen the song. Then test both groups again after sometime (i.e. a day or two to see whether the impact lasts longer) with the same questionnaire, and compare the mean outcomes in terms of people’s knowledge between the group that watched the video and the group that didn’t . This is a very basic experiment idea.

    We can refine the design more by adjusting the testing period, testing multiple times before and after with the same (or different) questionnaires… etc. You can also make these test separately for the song and for the video. But I am not sure if you want to engage in this process.

    I think this is a very basic, but standard way of testing impact of something on some group. But I am not an expert of this subject. Because this post hasn’t been replied, I just wanted to add my modest contribution.

    good luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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