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    C-SAP is working to research, promote and share developments in learning and teaching in Sociology, Anthropology and Politics.

    EXPRESSION OF INTEREST: C-SAP Tender: ‘Attainment by Gender in the Social Sciences’

    A recent report by the think-tank Higher Education Policy Institute (2009) [1] has argued that it is men rather than women who are now disadvantaged in the British higher education system. The authors of the report state that female students outnumber males across all types of institution (with the exception of Oxbridge) and are more likely to achieve a ‘good’ degree (a first- or upper-second class award). The report does, however, acknowledge that there are marked differences in the subjects studied by women and men.

    Using this report as the starting point, the Gender Special Interest Group at C-SAP is concerned to establish the levels of attainment of women and men in the Social Sciences, and Anthropology, Criminology, Politics and Sociology more particularly. Additionally, it is keen to understand the learning, teaching and assessment strategies deployed by the various subjects which lead to differences in attainment. Individuals/Departments are invited to tender for the project ‘Attainment by Gender in the Social Sciences’. Cross disciplinary teams are especially welcomed.


    The funding available from October 2009 to August 2010 is £7,500. The budget may be used for the following:
    * Release of time from teaching, research or administrative duties.
    * Research or administrative assistance.
    * Purchase of training and services.
    * Reasonable travel and subsistence costs.
    * Purchase of consumable items.

    The budget can include on-costs of salaries, including pension and NI contributions.
    The following will not normally be funded:
    * Normal costs of course delivery.
    * Equipment or CIT hardware/software.
    * Institutional overheads, although the on-costs of salaries are allowed.

    All applicants are expected to have completed a full economic costing. It is important that you do have in mind the financial scale of your bid and can demonstrate a realistic approach


    All tenders should be sent electronically to: by the closing date of 30 September 2009. All submissions will be acknowledged by return of email. Late applications will not be accepted.

    Informal enquiries may be addressed to Dr Mehreen Mirza, Chair of the Gender SIG, at

    Applicants should present their proposals in the following format:

    Section 1: Lead institution
    * Name of Project Leader(s), position, full address, telephone and email
    * Partners if any
    Section 2: Time-scale
    * State key strategies/milestones of project to end no later than August 2010
    * Include Gender SIG/C-SAP mid-term progress report at an appropriate point and final ‘Findings’ report August 2010
    Section 3: Addressing the Specification
    * Summary:
    * Provide a rationale for the proposed bid and outcomes (500 words max)
    * Aims, Approaches and Activities (2000 words max)
    * Specific aims of the project
    * Research questions to be addressed
    * Relevant theoretical, empirical, government and educational literature in the field
    * Project design and methods (include reference to any intended student involvement)
    * Details of the specific research design/proposed activity
    * Staff and student involvement
    * Types of collaboration, if any, with other institutions
    * References
    * Outcomes and Dissemination (500 words max)
    * Intended project outcomes and materials for dissemination
    * Plans for dissemination (in addition to the minimum requirement listed below)
    * Benefits to your Department/Institution and the wider subject communities

    Section 4: Key points for evaluative input
    * The Gender SIG will act as a ‘critical friend’ to the project and an evaluator. The specific form of the evaluation will be discussed with the successful applicant(s).
    * Please indicate here any additional internal evaluation to be used

    Section 5: Cost and Charging Arrangements
    * Please provide a full breakdown of all costs, including any support in kind:
    * Release of time from teaching, research or administrative duties
    * Any administrative costs
    * Travel and subsistence
    * Materials
    * Evaluation
    * Attendance at C-SAP events (approx. £400)
    * Other


    e.g. Staff Costs

    e.g. FEC

    e.g. Travel

    Total Cost of Project

    No more than £7500.00

    Section 6: CVs of Staff

    Please note that the following outputs will be required as a minimum:

    * Interim project report
    * Final project report
    * An article for Enhancing Learning in the Social Sciences (ELiSS)
    * A conference presentation at an appropriate C-SAP Conference

    Whilst every endeavour has been made to give tenderers an accurate description of the Gender SIG’s requirements, tenderers should make their own assessment about the methods and resources needed to meet those requirements.
    20th July 2009

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