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    Joanne Hill

    Hi Methodspace Community. I have a question about offering feedback to research participants.


    The principles/ethics I have used in my research suggest that collaborative projects with participants (as opposed to on research subjects) involve some level of communication beyond the data collection. This is so that the participants can potentially gain something from the research and keep the dialogue going beyond the researcher’s time in the field.


    My question to this group is, how long is too long to leave it before offering feedback? If a year has passed since a researcher left the field, has the time for dialogue been lost? Is it that ethical to remind them of the research they were a part of, if the feedback may no longer be relevant to them?


    Does anyone have experience of providing feedback to young (teenage) participants? What might they want to know? What will they not want to know?



    bernard smith

    Suppose that rather than offer “feedback” which may or may not have any interest to the respondents either individually or as a group ( for example: I can now provide you with information about how you select topics in a conversation and how the next speaker selects him/herself (!) ) you offered mentorship or help with any related or relevant (to your research) goals they may have for which you may be able to provide some information or resources (eg I am going to speak to the city pols in support of that juice bar/club that you have been trying to set up in that abandoned building on Side Street)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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