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    Dear fellow members,

    I am a dentist interested in public health and healthcare management. I am very much interested in conducting a focus group study in healthcare especially in quality. This method of study is least used qualitative technique of study .So please text in your valuable suggestions………………


    Hi Dr Saneesh. What sort of information are you looking for regarding focus group research? I am using this method with health service professionals and consumers in the areas of low back pain and whiplash. In the low back pain area, we have held focus groups with people with the condition regarding the type of information that they would like to see on a low back pain website. In the whiplash area, we are reviewing a self management publication prior to developing the second edition, and have been using focus groups to gather feedback on the content and presentation of information in the publication.
    Kind regards,
    Mandy Nielsen


    Hi Ms Mandy. Thank you for your reply.Actually i am planning to conduct a focus group discussion on healthcare quality.I have no experience in this method of research so i have many queries in the procedure of converting the output of the discussion into data so that i can use it for can you give me any links or source from which i can get that information………..


    Hi Ms. Mandy. I have one more request to you can you help me with any video of focus group discussion conducted by you or some other person. It would be a great help to improvise my research activity. I am waiting to hear from you. My personal mail id is

    David Morgan

    First, I do not know of any training videos on focus groups, but I would love to make one. The problem is that it costs at least $50,000 in “up front” money to produce a high quality video, and traditional publishers are not willing (or unable) to provide that kind of advance money.

    Second, the analysis of focus groups is very similar to the analysis of any other kind of data from qualitative interviews. Depending on your goals, you have a very large number of options.

    Having so many options can be either good news or bad news. My suggestion would be to look at previous reports of the kinds of research you want to do, and find a model there that matches your goals for your own analysis. Fortunately, there are quite a few articles and reports on the use of focus groups for assessing health care quality — or at the least this was a hot topic back in the mid-nineties, but I don’t know whether that work generated a continuing literature.

    Hope that helps,



    Hi David. I do agree with your point that there is no training video available on focus group but there are a good number of focus group discussions already conducted. The videos of any of those conducted studies will be a great help for me. Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions. I anticipate your continuous participation in this discussion.


    I have only ever audio recorded focus groups that I have conducted. Confidentiality requirements preclude me from sharing these recordings with anybody outside the research team. I agree with David re analysis of the focus group data – it really depends on your research question/s and the purpose of the analysis. For example, at the moment I am conducting focus groups concerning the content and presentation of a patient information booklet about whiplash. Analysis is focused basically on collating what people like and don’t like about the publication, what they would like to see added/changed etc. I’m doing this analysis using the transcripts of the group recordings and the software program NVivo to organise the coding. This data will then be incorporated into a report on the evaluation of the publication and will inform the writing of the second edition. In another project I was involved in analysing transcripts from a more ‘exploratory’ focus group about how the language people in an Indigenous community used when talking about pain. Coding and analysis of this data was informed by Grounded Theory, plus protocol meant we had to take our results back to the community for feedback and acceptance. So it’s really a matter of working out what you want to achieve with the research, and then working out, from reading relevant literature, what is the best method to use to do what you want to do. Maybe browsing some of the qualitative research journals will give you some ideas. Do you have anyone working with you on the project?


    Hi Mandy,
    My research team consists of a Senior Professor of Economics who specialised in Health Economics he will be the Principal Researcher and another Senior Nephrologist will be the Co investigator and myself.

    Dr. Swati Bute

    what is the difference between Group Communication and focus Group Discussion

    Dr. swati


    I love the book called “Focus Groups” by Krueger and Casey… looks like a fun book but the content is seriously scientific.

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