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    I run a pure ethnographic research agency specialising in video ethnography and not much else. We have spent two years building our own mobile research tool (for ourselves). It allows us to collect data using smart devices, tag them and send them to our platform for analysis and interpretation. The next step in it’s development will a grounded theory analysis functionality. Can anyone help/advise? We do employ anthropologists by the way…

    Glen Gatin

    Sounds intriguing, Siamack! I’d be interested in learning more. I am just starting on a major research project which relates, in part, to the use of web-based (and mobile) applications and practices in rural and remote education. We have been considering using Ushahiti for part of the data collection process.

    I’ve been using Mindmeister for collecting and sorting memos and concepts. I like that it has an app that I can use on my iTouch.  


    I came across this article the other day that nicely summarized many of the issues relating to CAQDAS programs.The cautions given in the article may be useful as you plan the features of your program.

    Blismas, N. G., & Dainty, A. R. J. (2003). Computer-aided qualitative data analysis: panacea or paradox? Building Research & Information, 31(6), 455. doi:10.1080/0961321031000108816

    Dear Glen – please go to and sign up (it’s free)and see the links to various device apps (all free) to download. If anything is unclear please get in touch with me. Oh and any help with a grounded theory functionality?

    Dr Enda Dunican

    Are you a commercial enterprise that will eventually sell this functionality to potential clients?


    Yes absolutely. But it is still in Beta even though clients such as Coca-Cola, Merck, MasterCard and Unilever are using it.

    Charles BERG

    have a look at atlas.ti. Charles

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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