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    Do you know of any short-courses to learn hierarchical linear modelling? I am a new faculty member interested in examining how organizational, provider, and patient-level characteristics affect the quality of health care outcomes.


    Thanks for your help!






    Here is a link to a short workshop on HlM: http://davidakenny.net/datic/datic.hlm.htm
    This workshop usually takes place every year–not sure if it is running this year.


    Thank you, Marie. I have had success in finding the HLM course taught by Raudenbush, He will teach a 2 day course at SSI, Inc. in September, using his HLM software development tool to walk through how to build models. I emailed him to ask him more about it. He said that the HLM software interfaces with SAS as well, which is great to know. Are you familiar with the HLMv6 for Windows? Or the SSI, Inc. Workshop?



    great. thanks! Are you familiar with PROC MIXED and how to use this to run HLM models? I have found this paper too.. but just wondering if you know of other references or books that may be helpful?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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