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    Nadia Ahouari_Idri

    Dear methodSpace Fellows:
    I am actually a new researcher and I usually teach my students how to conduct research. I belive that when writing a hypothesis, it should be stated and we let the reader feel I predict the answer. I disagree upon the use of the term “may” in a hypothesis because this is will be revealed by the end, i.e. in the final results. Now, I have got a remark from a colleague of mine in a denfense of a master’s research that students should write their hypotheses using “may”; the point I disagree upon.
    Can anyone argument about this? What do you think the best form is to write a hypothesis? Do you have documents about research steps in details? Do you have a guide to help beginner learners write up their research projects?
    I hope this discussion wil be fruitful for all of us.
    Yours: Ms Nadia AHOUARI-IDRI
    MA in Educational Psychology and TEFL
    University A-Mira, Béjaia: http://www.univ-bejaia.dz
    E-mails: n-idri@yahoo.co.uk
    Web site: http://nadiaidrieducationresearch.ning.com


    I will try to upload one

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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