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    I was following the discussion about doing a grounded theory approach within a case study and saw that some folks highlighted the distinction between using grounded theory as a method and not a theoretical framework. I am reflecting on my own research and wanted to get your opinion about how this distinction could/would apply to thematic analysis.

    Our team did a survey with 1200 youth and then conducted 18 focus groups with youth (sequential mixed methods), the purpose for the second phase was to contextualize the numeric findings (I am avoiding the word triangulation on purpose!). So within this larger project I am focusing on  148 newcomer youth surveys and 4 of the focus groups that were conducted with newcomer youth. The theoratical lense is that of a community based participatory research and pragmatism. I was planning on using a thematic analysis of the focus groups because I am reading some books that suggest it is a good way of connecting the numbers to context and vice-versa. So my question is, can thematic analysis be used on its own?

    Thanks for your ideas!

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