Internet research: ‘an epic development of globalized world’

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    It goes without saying that in this globalized world of today, the use of computer technology has transformed the means ans ways of communication, particularly the ‘research via internet’.

    The internet research has undoubtedly provided ample means to get the best utilization of research data that is available in many internet sites. The time management has been expediently saved by using the internet research facility.

    The ‘cross- fertilization of ideas’ has been now much possible because of this emerging use of internet research.The researchers in every field, are getting the needed data resources through internet research.

    The education faculty- both in the developed and the developing world- has been greatly befitted by the internet research.  Yet there is arising need to ‘reorient the students’ mind regarding the significance of book reading habit that has been immensely affected by the use of internet technology. Nevertheless, there is great need to  have a focus on the required ‘responsibilities and rules’ that the researcher have to abide by while using the internet technology.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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