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    Duminda Rajasinghe

     am undertaking a PhD research in Executive Coaching and Leadership development, where I attempt to answer;

    How leaders who undergone executive coaching make sense of their development? and aim to develop a heuristic device to demonstrate how executive coaching works in business organisations. I take IPA as my approach and thought to seek your support on below.I have selected a homogeniuous sample and gathered data through semi-structured interviews and manually transcribed them ( 7 participants 14 interviews), currently transcribing second round.
    In the sample, I have 5 coachees ( who undergone executive coaching) and 2 executive coaches ( who conducted coaching), I am not quite sure  whether the data from these 2 executive coaches contradicts with my research question and IPA.  if I use these two cases in my analysis, how should I justify this
    Would be greateful if you could pass me your view on this, I have not thought much about these two cases but did the interviews as a back up in case if I could use them to increase the quality of my research ! 
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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