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    I am a third year PhD student in Cambridge, studying attitudes of entrepreneurs to failure in early stage technology ventures.

    I am using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) as a qualitative method in my research. It fits my personal view of the world, and represents the best way for me to study my subject of interest. I follow the late Jason Cope and his work in this area.

    Anybody else out there doing this?

    Donald Nobbs

    Hello Keith:


    I hold a PhD from Fielding Graduate University (2011).  I am familiar with hermeneutic phenomenology for I use it to explain how physicians, nurses and patients do touch on such matters in transforming medical practice; but alas, fail to take it to the proper level.  So one source is my PhD entitled ‘Towards a theory of collective understanding: Rethinking the relationship between social integration and system integration for improving organizational practice” by Donald Nobbs (2011).


    Also this dissertation will be hopefully published in a chapter for a book next year on establishing the important relationship of theory and practice (viz., organization practitioner practice).  A book I have that is a set of chapters from recent graduates at Fielding is called Transformative Phenomenology by D. Rehorick & V. Bentz (2008) is available. 


    Hope this helps.


    Thanks David – this link is much appreciated and I will follow it up. I’m entereing a phase of my PhD where I am deep in analysis of transcribed interviews and cannot see the wood for teh trees and other perspectives are exactly what I need now.

    I hope your post-PhD expectations are being met and wish you well. Santa Barbara must be a great place to be. Regards, Keith.

    Ahmad Salih

    Hello Keith,


    I am a third year DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) student at Walden University. I am using IPA to explore strategy implementation from a middle management perspective. I am glad to find someone using IPA within organizational studies. IPA is primarily used in psychology, particularly health psychology.

    I am sure you have read Smith et al.’s (2009) IPA book. I also encourage you to join the IPA listserv ( It’s a great group of IPA researchers.


    Keep in touch.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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