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    Avi Lambert

    This group deals with the analytical technique of framing. In my research I am drawing on the work of the socio-cognitive linguist George Lakoff and Susan Nall Bales, of the Frameworks Institute. Their conception of framing differs slightly from the concepts of Berelson and other in the news framing discipline. In general this tool of analysis is useful for interpreting the connotative and denotative value of messages in News, as well as in other multimodal media. 

    I will be conducting a framing web content analysis for my research, which, to my knowledge has not been done previously. Because of this, I hope to start discussions in which I can learn more about what people have learned from doing this framing analyses (tacit knowledge); as well as to voice concerns about framing as a process.
    – Avi  
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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