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    Alexandra Cuncev

    Hello everyone,

    Here is the letter, revised following Mithu’s comments. I am still unsure whether to send this letter out like this and then the Methodspace invite or not… Can the Methodspace invite be changed so that it does not display as spam?



    Hi Alex,
    This is a good letter. I think experience suggests it is better to send invites like this as part of an email rather than as an attached word document. That would be my advice.

    I really agree with you about the importance of this not displaying as spam. I’ll take this up with John DB and Mithu.

    By the way, Sage California has reported that they have now recruited two US postgrads to too. Hopefully we will be inviting them to join us shortly.



    Alexandra Cuncev


    I have tried to invite someone to the site today and wanted to paste the invitation letter in the ‘comments’ box that would go with the Methodspace invite, so that it comes all as one email to the person I invited. However, there still is a character limit on the ‘comments’ box on the invite letter (200 characters with spaces). I was also unsure about how the invitation would display in the person’s inbox?

    Thank you!!!



    Hi all

    I have discovered a way to send this from your own inbox and without it appearing as spam: simply paste the following link into your email and they will get the invitation screen, without it appearing as spam. As you’ll have seen we are now as ready as we can be to start beta testing, so please go ahead and send out the letters at your convenience!



    Alexandra Cuncev

    Thanks, that’s great. I will try this.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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