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    I am keen to have your advice and guidance about a book that we are editing, entitled, “User-Driven Healthcare and Narrative Medicine”. We invite chapters written by patients along with health professionals and other stakeholders as co authors in their continued effort to learn more about the disease that they have been involved in managing together.

    Short of that we also welcome chapters written by patients or health professionals separately on their own experiences in dealing with certain diseases (or even in general their practical experiences with various diseases and the role of web learning with its easy or difficult to obtain similar experiential narratives and EBM literature that may have gone a long way toward improving or perhaps even harming health outcomes).

    One of our goals in using patient stories is to create a bottom up patient centered learning model separate from the traditional text book disease centered model still prevalent in medical school curricula.

    Using real patient stories relating the patient’s journey helps to create a real world patient centered context in the growing minds of students in the healthcare profession who are at an impressionable stage.

    These students are an important target audience for this book.

    Please find the details in this web link:

    There is also a chapter template available online at:

    Appreciate your help and guidance in formulating strategies toward
    this book and look forward to your response.

    Do let me know if you have any more queries. I understand that the above is very different from any book that is usual for
    medical students or the healthcare community and so understanding the requirements is challenging to say the least.

    I can also forward some pdfs of possible sample chapters (already published as articles) and a sample article on “user driven healthcare”
    if interested.

    Warm regards,


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