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    PSPP, the open source alternative to SPSS. Has anyone tried it? What do people think?

    Glen Gatin

    Thanks for the link. I don’t know anything about PSPP but I’m going to check it out for sure!


    Glad to have helped!


    This looks really good, if what the advertisers are saying is true. It doesn’t look like it will do very sophisticated analyses (no mention of MLM or anything like that), but we’ll have to try it to see what we think. I need to download it and do some parallel analyses with SPSS. I’ll write a review if I can get it to work on my machine.



    Thanks Kris, it would be great to see your review


    I looked into it a while ago and wrote a blog post on it.

    It seems to be great for basics, but that’s it. If all you need are basics, though, which many people do, you’re golden.



    I have found R somewhat difficult to self-teach. It will be interesting to see how PSPP compares. The advertising of PSPP is a little weird to me. I like open source.


    Thanks for the info Karen.

    Hannah, sorry I don’t know much about it either at the moment… trying to find out more!
    This link is helpful and compares features of SPSS, R and PSPP.


    Very cool link!


    Hi Aliya

    Honestly I think PSPP is far from SPSS and now it is a little bit outdated. I used PSPP some years ago, but now I’m using R, however I know it has a very steep curve of learning, so maybe it is not an alternative. Maybe a better alternative for you is OpenStat (, however it has some bugs and it never works as it should be.

    Other alternative is SOFA ( I still didn’t use it, it’s quite basic, but maybe for you will work.

    Other alternative that works for me is TANAGRA ( , it is a data mining program indeed, but honestly, I can’t understand clearly the difference between general statistic procedures and data mining statistic procedures. Honestly, i think there isn’t any difference, exception made with some learning algorithms developed specially for to get inductive information from a huge volume of data. It’s easy to use, it’s very complete and it’s beautiful.

    My last suggestion is PAST ( It’s a great package, in spite is created with paleontologist in mind, it’s a very general statistic package. It’s small, but extremely powerful, it has many multivariate routines than you can find only in commercial packages. It has some drawbacks: a) it cannot manage ommited responses and b) it has a different system for to selecting variables and processing them.

    My choice is TANAGRA, but you can decide for yourself.



    Oh I forgot to say, if you look some software with an similar interfase to SPSS the most similar is OpenStat


    Hi Pablo, thanks for your reply – this is really helpful. From what I’ve heard, I think R might be a bit complex for me but I’ll definitely take a look at the other alternatives you’ve suggested here… I’m just starting out so looking for basic and free stuff!!




    Hi Kris,

    You can do that.. I wanna know the differences between the two software.I mean the differences in features of both. But gotta know that PSPP needs lotta other libraries to be installed like if u wanna get graph features in PSPP one has to install GNU plotutils.So, help in getting the differences.



    Thank you Pablo for your kind information. I started working on TANAGRA. However, you have not commented on R-Which i use for class room and it is good. dr kp. 

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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