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      I am doing a  study on the  values preferences of prospective teachers.The values I am studying are theoretical,economical,social,aesthetic,political and religious values.the teacher trainees assign ranks from 1 to 6 to these values based on there preferences. the teacher trainees are made into 11 groups based on gender,educational qualification,mothodology opted ,religion and their parent’s annual income.

    the values are assigned ranks based on the mean scores.


    I would like to know if I can use Kendall’s coefficient of concrdance W to stduty the relationship among these ranks assigned to these values by the 11 gruops of teacher trainees i.e male,female,graduates,post graduates,science stream students,arts stream students, trainees fro Hindu, Chriatian and muslim religious groups and 2 gropus based parents’ annual income. 

    thanks & regards

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