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    I’m very interested to discover what methods are being used for Knowledge Transfer and Translation, especially qualitative methods (phenomenological analysis for instance), but I’m interested in all types of Transfer theory, models and methods. This could be traditional methods that are commensurable with KT or newly devised methods for knowledge based inquiry.

    Some methods I’ve noted include: Bibliometrics, content analysis, systematic review, argument catalogue, Logic Analysis and Logic modeling as well as specific methods such as “Knowledge Validation Inventory” or “Knowledge Audits”; various models such as “Lomas Coordinated Implementation” model among the many, many models in Nursing “research utilization”.

    I hope that Methodspace could be used to begin a process of accounting for the many different methods, models and tools used for Knowledge Transfer.

    Conor Horan

    Hi Paul – many of the ideas you list above would typically be found in a Knowledge Management Textbook. They unfortunately are very much influenced by quantitative MIS systems approaches to research – I’d consider looking into Organisational Learning literature … Agyris & Schon etc double looped learning etc. You’re post is a year old so I’;m assuming you’ve probably moved on quiet a bit since then.
    All the best!


    Yes, indeed, I’ve moved on to various projects, but I’m always interested in Knowledge Transfer Methods discussion. At that time I was hoping that people would post the Empirical methods they use for doing Knowledge Transfer; they are not easy to find in the literature. You essentially have to just account for them as you find them. I’ve tried to keep an Excel list of mechanisms, but there is just too much material…It would be nice to construct a KT Methods Database online. The Knowledge Management literature is indeed useful; I’ve found that Nursing has the greatest number of models for review. Right now, I’m working on using Jurgen Habermas’s Theory of Communicative Action as a basis for collaborative KT.

    Conor Horan

    Habermas’ Theory is interesting… you’re going back depper into the literature there…

    I’m currently doing my Phd and started off woth the KT stuff but moved into a slightly different area of Knowledge Creation…for me that opened up the Epistemological, Org Learning and some Innovation stuff. I’ve settled on Dialogical Analysis myself… I’ve a map of all of the different theories out there in the KC area…it might be useful for the KT too.

    Alice MacGillivray

    I have a collection of models in my office somewhere (used to oversee knowledge management graduate programs at a university) but what is more readily accessible is a list of sample theses and dissertations listed on my website — specifically here: I’ve not listed methodologies for them. Personally, I have done knowledge management and transfer studies using several methodologies (that may not be what you are asking) including participatory action research, ethnography and phenomenography.

    All the best with your work.

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