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    Hello folks

    I’m about to attempt writing a NEAF application (National Ethics Approval Form: https://www.neaf.gov.au/default.aspx) for my PhD research in Australia. It will be an ethnographic study with a ‘community’ of indigenous and non-Indigenous health promotion practitioners working with urban Indigenous populations. 

    The primary site is a non-government organisation, Indigenous managed organisation. We have been working to build relationship and determine a mutually beneficial way forward for my research there. The CEO of this agency has verbally given the OK for my research to go ahead with his health promotion team as participants, and I’ve been advised to draft a letter of approval for the CEO to edit and sign, to formalise that support to go towards my NEAF application. 

    I’ve not seen or written a letter of support before. Has anybody a sample they can share? Does anyone have experience they can also lend on this matter, to ensure all important aspects can be considered with the process of obtaining this letter? 

    Many thanks,


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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