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    zahid jamil

    Dear all,
                    I am a student. I am working on aproject” Perceived Organizational Support and Job satisfaction”. I used Likert scale in my wustionnaire. I have found mean of all questions. Now please guide me how I can get results from mean. Secondly how I can find corelaation between POS and job satisfactio.
    Zahid Jamil


    Correlations between two likert-type scaled items (i.e., discrete ordered variables) are called polychoric correlations. You get an excellent guide here (the site also suggests programs for estimating the correlations):

    The basic idea of polychoric correlations is that the discrete ordered variables are manifestations of underlying continuous variables. Thus, the polychoric correlation (under certain assumptions about the underlying variables) reflects the correlation you are interested in (i.e., the correlation between the underlying continuous variables).

    In Stata, -polychoric- is user-written command, which is excellent for running polychoric correlations. Download the command to Stata by entering -findit polychoric- into the Command window.


    zahid jamil

    Dear Kristian,
    My questionnaire has 16 items. First 8 items find POS and last 8 items find Job Satisfactio. I want to find relationship in these two variables please help.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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