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    Is there any generally accepted format of literature review in social sciences?

    Sania Sohail

    Hello, I read your concern. A literature review is basically a type of reviewing article. It is a paper based on methodologies, theoretical contributions, surveys related to a particular topic. It has four main objectives, surveys, synthesis, critical analysis and presenting the literature in an ordered way. It is not particularly necessary to have a different method of writing a literature review of the different subject. I am a software engineering student and I made a report of my final year project, which includes methodology, literature review, research paper, charts and lastly a presentation made by professional PowerPoint services. I did not use any other method of writing a literature review for my project. I just used the particular points and surveys and wrote what could be limitations, advantages, previous surveys and theories on that topic, their limitations, another point of views. It is all about summarizing your topic.


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    A. Sa’eed

    Start with your outcome variable, then predictor variable. Arguably, however, other views think one should maintain cause-effect relationship (i.e. temporal order). Therefore, staring with your independent variable, followed by the dependent variable.


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    Naomi Shah

    I was just reading about your concern. I think so there is no any special format of literature reviews in social sciences. For more detail you can contact with zipjob. They may guide you better according to your concern.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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