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    Visual Arts in the 21st Century
    In the wake of the digital revolution and globalisation policies the whole world is witnessing formation of certain conditions which are having and will continue to have tremendous impact on the production, reproduction, access, dissemination and appreciation of visual arts. While the old art forms and artworks are being revisited and reproduced in wholly new ways and for a variety of purposes, new types in the forms of digital arts are surfacing not only on the internet but also every place of our visual culture. The place and workplace of the artist also has undergone a radical change. The artists are themselves very keen to define their position globally as the web makes it possible, and along this they are also ready to take up social and political challenges (as always was the case).
    Like convergence in all other fields, in the sphere of visual arts we are also witnessing a convergence of all the art forms in the case of computer games. With 2D video games giving way to highly complex PC games, we find attempts at accommodating real-life 3D experiences and complex situations into the digitally recreated virtual reality. In combination with the web a professional team of experts has been able to create virtual worlds, where millions of people—irrespective of age, gender, class, caste and race—have started ‘living’. This kind of converged art is allowing the reader/player/resident the highest ever freedom not only to enter the ‘text’ but also to modify and manipulate it up to a certain limit.
    Keeping in mind this kind of situation we are inviting critical writings on a variety of areas. While we are open to the suggestion from the writers for the inclusion of any particular area, for their convenience we are giving below a list of probable areas for submission:
    i. Aesthetics of digital arts
    ii. Aesthetics of photography
    iii. Aesthetics of website design
    iv. Our visual culture—sociology/psychology of the need for the visual
    v. Sociology of the reproduction of old art forms and art objects
    vi. 21st century artist and the digital technology
    vii. Video and Cinema on the Web
    viii. Artist and the global politics
    ix. Viewers as users
    x. Gender and visual arts today
    xi. Focus on any artist/tradition from new perspective
    xii. Open Access and Fair Use Policies and Visual arts
    For submission of critical writings, please send:
    * Completed article (3000-5000 words)
    * Abstract (100-200 words)
    * 3 to 5 Keywords
    * Brief CV
    For submission of creative works, please send:
    * Analytical Description of Works (2000-3000 words)
    * Maximum 5 images in JPG format, at least 800 pixels wide or tall.
    * Abstract (100 words)
    * 3 to 5 Keywords
    * Brief CV

    Website address: http://www.rupkatha.com
    Visit to know more about the journal and the submission process: http://www.rupkatha.com/submissionguidelines.php
    Please send submissions and queries to: editor@rupkatha.com
    DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: December 31, 2009

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