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    I am doing a doing a project , a  interpretative  phenomenological analysis  study on current treatment interventions in the United states with  populations suffering from Schizophrenia and their involvement in the  community mental health system. For more questions or interest please communicate back to me.

    Kind regards,




    I am Priyantha Wijayatunga, a statistical researcher. I am interested in your project. how can I join? 



    Hello Priyantha,

    Thank you for your interest. I am still doing research. The first step is I can send you information on the study via a contact e-mail. Once you read through the material and sign the research agreement along with contact information from me.  I then can set up a phone or video interview with you , should be about an hour.

    Where are you at in the USA or what part of the world? So that we can adjust to time zones. I am in Northern California . Let me know if this sounds like something you would like to be part of and send me a contact e-mail so I can get you the initial information and paperwork.

    I want to thank you again for your interest in this important research .

    Kind regards,




    Thanks. Please send me them. My email is priyantha.wijayatunga@stat.umu.se I am based in Sweden.

    Please note that I am a quantitative man.

    Looking forward to hearing from you



    I am a professor and HOD of research department in Post Grdauate Nursing college in India. As you can make out my job is to research and guide research. It is not only my job but my involvement and my interest. My query is do you want people only from US,? if I intiate will it be possible for me to take up eitehr here or may take a trip to US and coordinate for this research.

    I am almost retring as I am 54 actually but for cetificate 57+. i am with my spouse as per Indian norms I would love to travel with him.

    Kindly consider it serious and reply to me at

    subhadraiyengar@gmail.com which is my mail id.

    thanks in advance and with kind regrads. In any case any kind of association, questions realted to the study is welcome as I will be very happy to respond.


    Duminda Rajasinghe

    Hi Jeff

    This is Duminda Rajasinghe, I am currently looking at Leadership development through executive coaching and employ IPA as my methodology. I would like to talk ( email, Skype, phne etc) on IPA once you sort out your participants if that sounds a good plan.

    Good luck with your research !

    Hello Jeff , my friend Felipe Ponzio (look on facebook ) wrote an article talking about the conditions of normal process based on drug tests. For example, a person who apparently may have given disease , such as attention deficit, for example, is not considered a person develops their intellectual potential because of it does not seek a treatment based on drugs. Your article also involves an analysis of the double-blind test.

    I just did a phenomenological study using Van Kaam’s 8-step transcendental data analysis process.  Good luck!


    Dear Expats, i am planning to move to Australia to study the suburb area of different states. Actually,I am a researcher & want to continue my research on suburbs people and the challenges to survivals. I want to know more about the culture, climate (in which they are residing), their ways of living, cost of living, structure of living, etc. Brief about myself, i am a student of PhD. from India & doing deep research on people living in suburbs of developed & developing countries. Guys, i have searched on internet too. found few sites like – http://www.microburbs.com.au but not found much relevant. guys suggest something better to proceed quickly on my research….. I am posting this topic here as a hope to get best guidance to go their in next 2 months & study the best results….Regards !

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