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    Hello Everybody!

    I am MA students in the process of thesis writing and I am writing you because I have some problems with data management.

    Here my “story”….

    This autumn I went to Siberia do field work with expert Russian sociologies. We took interview from people living in villages. Honestly, at the begging I had no idea how I would have used this experience for my MA thesis, so I just followed. Basically, we asked people to describe their life during USSR and nowadays. I have to mention that for different reasons I DID NOT tape interview. What I did, was keep a kind of ethnographic diary, writing sometimes in third person and sometimes with direct quotations, what the person was saying.

    After coming back, I had the idea of using my data to write accounts on people’s life in post-socialist villages. Consequentially, I guess that my data should look like biographical interviews. Yet, in my opinion, they don’t (what I have is an half third person and half first person tale)

    Thus I thought, that I could condensate these data into a more or less coherent account, written in third person and enriched by quotations.

    Is this a valid method in any discipline ranging from ethnography to anthropology and sociology?

    I also have doubts about which method of analysis I should use. Biographical interview analysis? Narrative analysis? Account analysis?


    Well, so far this is all

    Thanks in advance!


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