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    dani hugentobler



    i have a question concerning a mixed between (2 levels) / within (3 levels)-subjects anova and would be happy, if anybody could help me.

    basically i am interested in two simple main effects or contrasts:

    a) the simple main effect of the between factor on one of the three levels of the within-factor

    b) the contrast comparing two levels of the within factor in one of the two levels of the between-factor

    when i calculate this with spss and the /emmeans-commands for simple main effects

    a) /emmeans=tables(between*within)compare(between) and

    b) /emmeans=tables(between*within)compare(within)

    i get both comparisons with  both p-levels i am interested in (pairwise comparisons), but i in case b) where there are three comparisons due to the 3 levels of the factor, i do not now how to write up the results. the f-value and the degrees of freedom i get for the between-level as a whole (multivariate tests). but i am only interested in the comparison of two within-levels on that between-level. what values do i have to report then?

    i would be very happy if somebody could answer this question!


    thank you very much, danih




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